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    15 February at 22:32 from atlas

    My Name is June, I live in NSW Australia I am a certified Emotion Code Practitioner.
    The desire of my heart has always been to see the captive set free in Spirit Soul and Body, this dream has driven me to spend many years seeking out ways to help people. I am experienced in many energy modalities and have found them all to be useful.
    The Emotion Code is a wonderful way of releasing the emotional baggage (Trapped Emotions) we all carry around with us for years; it is not surprising that many of my clients say they feel lighter after a session. I have seen some amazing results using this method, in person, via Skype, phone or email. Clients have reported, being set free from years of night terrors, chronic anxiety, depression, relationship problems, learning difficulties, heart walls and much more.
    I look forward to having the privilege of helping you to find the freedom you truly deserve.


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