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  • Anastasia from Sydney wrote:

    2 May at 19:42 from atlas

    "When I contacted June I had reached yet another low point in my life, I was extremely unhappy and struggling, and I was uncertain, insecure and felt incapable of making a right decision. While I have had success in the past using other techniques and methods, nothing was ever permanent. And this time around no matter what I tried, no matter how much energy I put in, absolutely nothing was shifting and nothing was making me feel any better. Working with June and the Emotion Code has really turned everything around for me and quickly! I feel so much lighter and happier, I am really excited about starting a new day and proud what I have managed to achieve at the end of my day. I now have an amazing clarity about exactly what I want in my life and what will make me happy. Everything is now easy, effortless and unfolding beautifully. My relationship with my family has completely turned around, but most importantly my relationship with myself has improved dramatically. Finally after years and years of trying and efforting my life on the emotional roller coaster has ended and I am at peace and happy. I am truly grateful to June for being able to make such a huge difference in my life; she is an understanding Emotion Code practitioner that intuitively guides you in the right direction gently and with great wisdom."


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