Emotions Unlocked  
  • Ann from Rockmount wrote:

    21 April at 14:55 from atlas

    June is a very wonderful lady who has a passion to help others find healing and freedom and to reach their highest potential, which often we are held back from achieving due to being trapped somewhere and at sometime in our emotions. I had a session with June the other night during which trapped emotions were wonderfully released. My Mum had passed away a little over a year ago. The last six months of her life was a very difficult and stressful time. Mum had had a stroke and was totally paralized down one side and due to this I was unable to look after her at home. I hadn't realised how much this had effected me until June released me from that negative cord. The result was amazing. I felt immediate release from a burden I hadn't fully realised was there. In it's place was an awesome peace. June also found and released me from several inherited blockages and the next day I was very aware that there was a new clarity in my thinking like a fog had lifted. I was also aware that a pain that I had had in my neck for quite some time had very much lessoned. I am looking forward to further freedom to come. Thank you June


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