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  • Debbie from Sydney Wrote:

    6 April at 21:36 from atlas

    I found June, and the Emotion Code when I was desperately searching for help for my 8 yr old son, Saiyan. I thought I would have a session before him to try it out, and was amazed at how I felt almost instantly. As June started releasing my trapped emotions in my Heart Wall, I could feel a sense of peace coming over me, that I have never felt in my 39 yrs. I expected the feeling to pass, but after about a month, I still feel amazingly calm. My hectic schedule is still the same, but I no longer have high anxiety mornings getting four kids off to school before going to work. I seem to have a lot more space in my head and new ideas are popping in all the time now.

    Saiyan had a distance session and wasn't aware of it happening. He was a very angry boy (youngest of 4), and was lashing out at his brothers verbally and physically. Being the youngest he was always competing, that was using a lot of his energy and was always tired. I was at my wits end as to how to help him. After his session, that night he slept longer, and the next day after school he ran in off the bus and hugged me. He was happy, he didn't lash out at his brothers, and was very calm. I was, and am still amazed at the change in him after one session with June. He is like a completely different boy, loving and happy. Now my only problem with him is getting him inside at night for dinner, as he is off happily playing so much.

    I can't thank June enough for helping my family become a more happy one, more supportive and calm. I would recommend her sessions highly to anyone, and June herself as a highly skilled, in-tune practitioner whom held a very safe and nurturing space for me to release emotions.

    With many thanks for my happier life."

    Debbie, Sydney


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