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  • Joanne from UK wrote:

    6 April at 21:31 from atlas

    "Hello my name is Joanne; I would like to tell you a little bit about the healing I have received through June and the Emotion Code. When June started work with me I was almost completely consumed with stress and anxiety it had been brought to the surface through difficult circumstances.
    I was at a stage of despair as it was ruining my life I had no energy and every day was a struggle because of physical symptoms, dizziness, palpitations, pins and needles down the side of my face, continual headaches, tremors, difficulty breathing, hot sweats, locking of my jaw, low blood pressure, I was experiencing surges of adrenaline at moments when I should have been quite calm, my body was continually at high alert; my body's reaction to stress was extreme and I felt very out of balance. I could not relax or rest including through the night. I thank God that it was at this crisis point that I began therapy with June.

    Over a period of sessions June began to work on the different symptoms each one was linked to emotions trapped within me which were affecting me physically and mentally in different ways. It was a bit like peeling an onion layer by layer! I chose to find out what the emotions were that June was releasing and as this was revealed I knew exactly when and how I had collected that emotion. It was very interesting to find out what the emotion was and its source.

    The sessions were carried out with the up most sensitivity and professionalism and I began to feel transformed and liberated. The symptoms one by one began to subside and my energy levels increased. I can not express how truly amazing the therapy was; session by session I was being freed of emotions linked to past experiences even as far back as being in the womb! This therapy has dealt with the root cause.

    Even though I was dealing with difficult emotions linked with difficult situations the sessions were not painful they were quick and I felt relieved. As though I had let go of a heavy burden that I had carried for an awful long time, I felt that I truly had been a captive that was being set free!

    June was very calm during the sessions and I felt totally at peace with the work being carried out.

    I am truly grateful to June and her dedication and compassion; God has given her a revelation of how to heal through energy work and I would not hesitate in recommending her to any body who is suffering physically or mentally.
    Thank you so much June."

    Joanne, UK


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